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Attracting & Hiring A-Players

A Win-Win Strategy for Recruitment Success he most important task your office will ever undertake is the hiring of great team members to join you in growing your practice and serving your patients. Hiring new team members is an exciting opportunity but it also often comes with big challenges; especially if you are wanting to […]

Cultivating “Mindfulness” into Your Practice

A 21st Century Formula for Practice Success Mindfulness provides a much needed opportunity to take back our lives from the clutter of noise and distraction that competes for space in our consciousness every moment of our busy lives — most of which are spent at work or thinking about work or recovering from the effects […]

Leadership is a Team Sport

Growing Leadership-Minded Team Players Why do some dental teams have all the fun? Why do some practices always seem to advance and be “in the zone” while others feel stagnant and stuck? Why is it some offices work twice as hard and twice as long as others only to find themselves achieving the same results? […]

The Influential “ORAL HEALTH COACH”: Our Emerging Role

hat ever happened to the days gone by where you could graduate from dental school, obtain your license and walk into a treatment room feeling highly trusted and influential as an expert? In those days the dentist would simply look into the patient’s mouth, tell them what they see and recommend solutions! The solutions were […]

Better Communication With Patients Will Improve Your Practice

hen it comes to clinical excellence, experience and expertise matter, but there is more to the story. Clinical excellence can only be served when patients feel empowered and motivated to take actions that are in their best oral health interests, and dentists play a key role in this process. The approach you take to connecting, […]

Vital Interactions

The Chemistry of a Championship Dental Team ABSTRACT It has been stated by many in history who are known for their wisdom that the quality of your life is determined by the quality of your “RELATIONSHIPS.” Low quality relationships lead to a low quality of life! High quality relationships lead to a high quality of […]

The Power of Listening

How much of an impact does our communication really have on our ability to succeed and thrive in the field of dentistry? cross the board there is virtual agreement by opinion leaders in business development that “communication” is the core competency that can turn a group of highly skilled individuals into a high-performing team. Results […]

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work Pt.I

have always been fascinated why people like Gandhi, Einstein, and Martin Luther King succeeded in life while other people who may be equally talented and hard working achieve only mediocre results. Why do some dental teams always seem to win, to be “in the zone,” while others do not? Why do some teams have to […]

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work Pt.II

n part one of this two-part series we explored the importance of having a clear and achievable vision as a road map for conducting our daily activities in the practice. We also discussed how to create a business vision by involving your entire team in the process. Here we will explore the core functional requirements […]

Death of a “Salesman” Birth of a “Helping Professional”

People Love to “Buy” but Hate to be “Sold” to ABSTRACT For most dentists the concept of “selling” was not something they signed up for when applying to dental school. In fact for many clinicians, especially first-decade dentists when they hear the word “sales” it conjures up images of manipulating people into parting with their […]